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Wood Furniture Restoration
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Wood Furniture Repairs & Restorations

We utilize many different techniques for furniture refinishing and original finish restoration which include color change, color shift, custom colors, color matching, touch-ups, polishing with oils and waxes.

Wood Furniture Refinishing and Color Change

Kitchen Cabinets Refinishing and Painting

Original Finish Restoration and Polishing

Scratches, Dents, Water Mark Removal

Structural Repairs and Assembling 

Custom Projects and Designs

​Original Finish Restoration

Using unique finish-penetrating technique and formula that restores the original color and luster to your finish while blending out the blemishes and scratches. ​Grease and dirt are easily removed, hand polished with beeswax and orange oil. We restore the finish in one step without sanding any of the existing finish.

Services Included: Scratches & Gouge Repairs, Wood Texture Re-graining, Color Match & Touch Up,  Hand Polishing & Buffing, Water & Heat Mark Removal, Moving & Pet Damage Repairs and much more.

Complete Refinishing & Color Change

Often the change will involve going from a golden oak or whitewash finish to a cherry, walnut or black tone. You will love the result of this transformation. It’s a great way to give your furniture a new look and change the entire feel of a room. 

Color Shift

Color shifts are generally performed to remove the yellowing look wood gets from aged oil based finishes. This is a great look for customers who want a little darker tone to their furniture or cabinets. This process is another great way to save homeowners the cost of traditional refinishing while warming-up the kitchen or room and giving it a great new look, especially when dealing with wear caused by sun-fading and humidity. 

Custom Colors & Design

Our line of custom colors gives you the new trend of white or colored furniture you have been looking for.

We can take you step-by-step through the process of choosing the color to suit your style. You can choose from a variety of colors and finishing techniques.

Glazed  - Charming cottage style look, random distressing.

Antiqued -  Creates an aged or worn look to your furniture.

Burnished  - Adds distressed details and over sanded areas.

Vintage  - Adds sanded edges to reveal wood grain, giving you a vintage look.

Structural Repairs 

We can repair the most all common furniture damages to frames, springs and mechanisms in any make model or design of furniture. We will repair your broken or loose chairs, wobbly tables and other items.

Services Included: Structural Repairs  &  Re-Gluing, Broken Frame & Joins Repair, Assembling & Dissembling, Cabinet Doors & Drawers Alignment, Mechanism Replacement & Repair.



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